In this week’s Sunday Prayer, Tonia Gutting prays for all of us who experience a time of separation due to military service. If you or your loved one is deployed or on extended temporary duty away from home, print this beautiful prayer to pray daily.

Prayer During Separation Due to Military Service

by Tonia Gutting
Lord, we were not made for this.

We were not made for separation

for fear

for war.

We have fallen so far in this world.

Yet You still reign in our brokenness

You still comfort in our loneliness

You still triumph in our tragedies

You alone can turn mourning into dancing

You alone can make our hardest times into our best times

You alone can redeem the time

Thank You, Lord!

We turn our eyes to You

We pin all of our hopes on You

You are the One who commands time

You are the One who can delay planes or speed ships

You are the One who can send storms or clear skies

You are the Almighty.

And so we pray confidently for our deploying warriors.

We pray for all who love them.

May the time of separation be a time of leaning–hard–into–You.

May the quiet nights be a time to pray as never before.

May the struggles with dishwashers and employers and sassy, hurting kids be a time to grow our faith in You.

May the helplessness be a place where we can fully know Your control.

Redeem this time Lord. Make it worth it as only You can do.

We pray for our vulnerable warriors Lord. Give them the emotional courage they need, and surround them with Your people. May suicide be thwarted in all of our ranks.

No matter where You have deployed us to today Lord, may we grow in our faith and shine our lights.