Recently, I’ve been asked a question more than once. It’s a legitimate question that you may have asked as well.

Where is the “home office” of Planting Roots?

So – here’s the short answer: we have a PO Box in Leavenworth, Kansas. It even gets checked regularly.

Is this where we actually work from, though? Kind of.

Four of us do “work” here in Kansas, for now, but the rest are scattered from Alaska to Germany. We are simply a group of military women just like you, seeking to follow Jesus with our whole hearts. In the past year or so since we launched Planting Roots, we have sent loved ones across the ocean and welcomed them home. We have lost loved ones and been blessed to connect again with others.

We have quit jobs, started jobs, and some have even gotten paid for a job. We have moved and stayed put when others have gone. We have made new friends in new places and built friendships where we are. We have nurtured children at home and sent some out into the world. We are prior service, active duty wives, and wives of retirees. We know Navy, Air Force, Marine, and Army language, and some can even cross over.

We are just a bunch of military women. Our home office is here:

ande 1

Here shortly after a PCS – shortly after a PCS is the only time my desk ever looks this neat. 🙂 This is the home office of our Newsletter Editor.


KG 1

This home office? Our Strategic Planner on a recent overseas trip, hence the interesting keyboard.


lauren 1

This one? Our organized and highly efficient Media Coordinator. What you don’t see are the teenagers lounging in the background.


lisa redford 1

This office does multiple duties as most everyone’s does. Here, our Administrative Coordinator does amazing work for Planting Roots while she home schools her four beautiful children.


lisa walters 1

This? Our Blog Editor…still waiting for HHGs after three months – yes, three months. She is still mostly sane, and doing amazing work from her sleeping bag desk.



These are just some of the “home offices” of Planting Roots, spanning the globe. There are even some of our staff I have yet to meet in person. God continues to use us in ways we never imagined, just like He uses you. He does amazing things, not the least of which is what He has done in me.

Planting Roots is not a bunch of women trying to “bring down wisdom from on high to the little people below.” We are simply military women, just like you, who see what can happen when we build a community of Christian military women where we can encourage, equip and challenge each other to do what God has called us to in the places we are planted. If we join hands around the world, holding each other up, and pouring into each other, we have the opportunity to impact a globe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Planting Roots is not about the staff (although I am personally slightly biased and am so thankful to work with such amazing women). We are about “us” – all of us together wholeheartedly following Christ. Can you just imagine what God could do through us if we all came together? The possibilities are beyond our imagination.

So thankful you are part of Planting Roots too! How is God using you in the place you are? (And what does your ” home office” look like ? :))

PR 127 cropKori Yates loves adventure. Her former life as a Marine and ongoing stint as an Army wife has given her just that. Desiring to bring together Christian military women and impact a globe for Christ, she has helped launch Planting Roots. Through events, online Bible study, and a social media community, their prayer is for revival among military women. Kori is also an author (Olive Drab Pom-Poms) and speaker, as well as a homeschooling mom of two amazing kids and wife to one awesome Soldier.