Blessed to Dwell In His Presence

Know: Blessed is the one you choose and bring near, to dwell in your courts!

We shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house, the holiness of your temple!

Psalm 65:4

Read and Respond: Do you ever feel lonely? Being a military family, we have moved and had to start all over again many times. New house, new school, new friends, new babysitters you feel comfortable leaving your little ones with, new church, new doctor, new hairstylist, not to mention feeling comfortable enough to get around town without my trusty iPhone maps.

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He is always there for us, and He makes us aware of His presence in the least expected ways. Admiring a rainbow after a storm, basking in the sunshine on a summer day, appreciating the changing colors of the fall or taking time to notice the intricacies of a snowflake in the middle of a cold winter, God is always with us and never leaves us. We are blessed to be a chosen child of God and blessed that He brings us near to have a relationship with our heavenly Father. We don’t have to search for Him, as He is already there, waiting for us to come to Him. He draws us closer to Him as we draw near to Him, and we are richly blessed to dwell with Him, to walk alongside Him, each and every day.


We have a home in heaven that will never change. We won’t have to learn our way around again. We will dwell with God in His courts, His beautiful courts that He has prepared for us. Christ tells us in John 14:1-3 to not let our hearts be troubled, but believe in Him and He promises that He has prepared a place for us. He will come again and take us with Him so where we are He may be also. We will be completely satisfied with the goodness of God, His holiness. Can you imagine life without the feeling of want? We’re always looking for the next thing to make us happy. We bought a new house with our last move and what creeps up after we move in, but buyers’ remorse! You go to someone else’s beautiful home and they have a more spacious kitchen with more cabinet space or someone else’s home with a big picture window in their family room that has a breathtaking mountain view. There are so many things to want in this world, but God is calling us to something more than this world. He is calling us to a special someone. That someone is Jesus Christ who is calling us to have a relationship with Him.

Core Concept: Blessed are those who are reassured and satisfied by God’s unchanging goodness.

Think About It:

1. Do you tend to experience loneliness (when you move)?

2. How can God’s unchanging nature reassure you?

3. What do you think being satisfied with the goodness of God looks like?

4. What are some worldly desires that you are more satisfied with than God?

4. Psalm 65:4 mentions the holiness of God’s temple. How can this encourage you?

This Weeks’s Praise & Worship Prompts

Day 1: Memorable & Praiseworthy

Read through Psalm 65. Pray the Psalm and memorize Psalm 65:4, praising God for all of His attributes mentioned in this verse. One of my favorite hymns is Lord You Are More Precious. Find it and sing along. May nothing YOU desire compare with HIM!


Day 2: Fear God Alone

Read Psalm 55 and note the difference between fearing God and fearing the enemy.

Fear God

Fear Enemy

He hears my prayers

Feel hidden from God and His mercy

Day 3: Betrayal

Read Psalm 55:12-15 and 55:20-21 The Psalmist talks about being betrayed by a familiar friend, a companion. What does God tell us to do in these hurtful experiences in Psalm 55:22-23?

Day 4: God’s Tent

Read Psalm 61. What does it mean to you to dwell in God’s tent forever?

Day 5: God’s Shelter

Psalm 61 and meditate on Psalm 61:4-5. How do you take refuge under the shelter of God’s wings? What heritage has He promised to us who fear His name?

Talk About It:

Have you felt periods of loneliness and how did you feel God’s presence during these times?

Have you felt betrayed by a close friend or companion in the past or in the present? How did you turn to God? How has God casted your burden? If you have yet to give this burden to the Lord, what are some steps you can take to cast these burdens on the Lord? How has He sustained you?

All Scriptures are from the English Standard Version (ESV) unless otherwise noted.
Contributors: Chelsea Bastian, Claudia Duff, Muriel Gregory, Tonia Gutting, Hayley Haynes
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Editor: Andrea Plotner
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