Megan Rivera comes from a family with a long line of military members.  Going back to her great-grandfather, at least two people in every generation have served.  Part of her childhood was spent at Ft. Bragg, NC and the other half was in northwest Indiana where she met her husband, Angel.  They have two boys and she couldn’t be more thankful to be a “boy mom.”  Angel decided to join the Army in 2011. They spent his whole enlistment in GA.  During that time, they were active in the community by serving with their local church.  Megan was also had opportunities to serve on base with her husband’s unit, PWOC, and at the main post chapel.  She has a heart to make a difference in women’s lives through the Gospel and God’s Word.  Having been through military life as an army/navy brat, army sister, and army wife, Megan knows that relying on God and a strong community is what will get you through the ups and downs.  She looks for opportunities to give back to and support the military community, a group who gives so much for others without expecting anything in return.