When I joined the Navy nearly 16 years ago, God was challenging me to step out of my comfort zone, and not stay where it was safe. He called me to trust him moment by moment, through faith, so that I could grow. He did the same thing when I first was introduced to Planting Roots.
In the military and in life, we are challenged. We are called to places we have never been, asked to do things we might not be trained for, tested, and sometimes pushed to our limits, if not beyond. The question is, “how will we respond to the challenges?” I am continually reminded that to be who He has called us to be, to plant roots that will stand the trials we face, and to bear fruit, we must abide in Christ. John 15:4-5.
From leading worship in various settings, to performing Taps while honoring veterans who have passed away, I have been blessed with community from the amazingly talented and unique individuals that God has brought across my path. I reside in the Midwest and delight in spending time with family & friends, studying the Word, anything involving music, women’s ministry, the outdoors, volleyball, and international travel.

Kelly can be reached at: kelly.stoll@plantingroots.net