In this week’s Sunday Prayer, Hillary prays for God to help us Flourish in Deployment.

A Prayer to Flourish in Deployment     

by Hillary Baggett

God is our strength, our hope, and our peace during deployments

Father, we come before you to strengthen and bless all those who are deployed and the ones left behind who love, ache for, and miss their presence in our homes.

Being away is so hard when you serve and staying home brings challenges that are hard to comprehend – appliances and cars break, children get sick, or aging parents need our help.

How do we juggle all of this Lord?

Our attention is pulled in every direction, but the ONLY direction we need to look is heavenward.

The answer you give is simple-

Look to you for strength

Read our Bible for guidance

Build friendships with others in a community of faith who have already walked this path or are on this road with us for the very first time.

You, O Lord are our strength.

The days, weeks, and months are long, but you are our eternal HOPE.

Show us, Lord, how to walk in this life.

Hold our hands, walk beside us, and lead us.

In Jesus Name, Amen