A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

When we lose all illusion of control–
When the orders change
or the unwanted ones come,
When the little ones walk up the sidewalk to school
or leave for college,
When the impossible bill arrives
or the impossible diagnosis,
When we can’t force someone to love,
When our world skids out of control on black ice we didn’t see…

We learn again our place,
and Yours.
Thank You Lord for this priceless lesson.
Do not let our hard times be wasted,
but may we grow closer to You.
Forgive us when we doubt.
Make us champions of trust,
people of deep faith.

Thank You Lord for this military life that teaches us servanthood.
Thank You that You are not an inept, or inattentive, or random, or cruel commander.
Help us to look for Your Kingdom’s good.
Thank You that You turn our mourning into dancing.

So with courage we boldly pray:
We pray for the mommas who are finalizing adoptions, especially across state lines. May Your hand be on the paper work.
We pray for those who can’t be with family members in poor health.
We pray for those of us who are ill and facing big decisions.

We pray for the houses that need to be bought/sold/rented. Lord, help us to make these temporary homes into sanctuaries for our families, places that lead all to Your heavenly home.

We pray for our families. Only You can grow the love, as You are the source of all love. Continue to woo us to You. Protect our relationships from all the enemy’s darts.

We pray for the work You have put before us to do. May we work for You.

We pray for the worries of today. May we place the rest in Your hands.

Help us to open our hands, to let go of our clutch. Fill our empty arms to overflowing and may we be able to fill others’ because of You. Use us against despair; may we help thwart suicide and meaninglessness in our ranks.

Father God, this week, help us to free-fall into Your loving, all-powerful control.