In this week’s Sunday Prayer Michelle offers prayer for the celebrations of those who love Service Members.

A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

A Prayer for the Celebrations of Those who Love Service Members

by Michelle Hieb

Heavenly Father,

The season of Celebration has arrived and we confess that we do not always feel like celebrating. We get confused about what it means to celebrate and think that the celebration is determined by our circumstances. In Philippians 4:4 you tell us, “Rejoice in the Lord Always, Again I say rejoice!”  Holy Spirit we ask that it be your presence that fills our celebrations with joy. 

Lord, we thank you for the relationship between husband and wife. We thank you for the women who have vowed to walk through life with their service member and we rely on you to sustain that relationship. Lord, we thank you for the relationships that are thriving during this season and we beseech you to heal those that are struggling. We pray for the communication between those who are separated by service. During this season of celebrations where family ties pull us in many directions, we pray for you to help us remember that our first commitment is to our marriage. Help us to navigate the relationships that continue to influence us into adulthood with kindness, grace, mercy, and forgiveness as we remember how dependent we are on your kindness, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. 

For those who raised Service Members

Lord, we thank you for the women who birthed and raised our service members. We pray for their hearts and minds as they navigate this realm of adult child/parent relationship. Whether their child has just left home or has been on their own for decades, we pray that they will show grace and patience as they share their child with the military, a spouse, and other adult responsibilities. Lord, we pray you will strengthen and improve these relationships through the holidays as new and special memories are created and shared, we pray that both parent and child will honor one another as you desire.

We thank you for your presence in our lives and your continued work to make us more like you. Lord, we ask that you work in the hearts and minds of those who are despairing in this season. We pray for you to protect them against the spirit of suicide that threatens to destroy their life. Cover them in your healing and comfort. 

In Jesus Name,


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