For this week’s Sunday Prayer, Hillary petitions heaven on behalf of all women on Mother’s Day.

A Prayer for All Women on Mother’s Day

by Hillary Baggett

Lord, we praise you when we think about the sacrifice and love given to us by our mothers. Thank you for the mother who gave birth to us, the one who adopted us, and the one(s) who mentored us along the path of life.

We show gratitude to the mother who held our hands, stood by our sides, and cheered us on, drove us to every practice, had food on the table, and gave us her shoulder to cry on.

With Gratitude, Lord

With gratitude, we lift up the moms who did their best, who made mistakes, let us see them cry, and for those who were tougher on us than we would have preferred. O, the strength, tenacity, resilience, independence, and perseverance we learned from both these blessings and from these challenges.

Extending glory, honor, and praise to you, O Lord, for the young teenage mom who was not yet planning to become a mom, but had the courage to make a difficult choice to present the child for adoption in hopes of a better life.

Next, we thank you, Lord, for the mother who surrendered and entrusted her child to another parent for adoption, grant her peace.

With Your Peace, Lord

And for the one whose child did not live to take a breath or left the earth too soon, we pray for comfort that only comes from knowing Jesus.

Sweet and loving, Lord, for those who are struggling with guilt, shame, and feelings of not being enough, we claim your healing redemption upon their lives.

Lord, we lift up to you the women who yearn to have a child and struggle with infertility or difficulties of carrying a baby to term. Comfort them as only you can. Fill them with your love and peace, help them to feel completed by your grace and mercy.

Wrap your arms around the girls and women who no longer have their mother here on earth. This day can also be a painful reminder of the grief and loss in noticing the absence of our moms. Bless these women with a touch from you reassuring them of your presence.

God, grant each woman, mother, and daughter reading today the peace that passes all understanding to guard the hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

In Jesus’ sweet and Holy Name, Amen.