The Sound of Surviving

There’s a picture in my mind that just doesn’t match up with the life I find myself living.

This picture resembles a movie clip from Wonder Woman. You know the one – a fearless woman flying through the air, totally prepared to kick butt and take names. A woman who is pointing herself directly at the enemy and is unflinching and unwearied as she battles, fully assured of victory.

She is undaunted. She is beautiful. She is unyielding.

And her make-up and hair are flawless.

And she is not me. Perhaps some days, (maybe?) but not today.

My heroism is there – for sure – but it just doesn’t look that pretty or that polished. But I’m ok with that.

I confess it has taken quite a work of Jesus to get me to the place where I could say that with any sort of confidence. My brand of heroism reflects a bit differently in the mirror. It is often raw, it is often bruised and bloodied. I try really hard and sometimes, I confess, I miss the mark.

But a lot of times, I don’t. I think true heroism is acknowledging both.

Yes, my brand of courage is still rising, still stumbling, still getting back up, still claiming those victories…one battle at a time.

You know what? The more I look in the mirror and acknowledge what this “real” wonder woman looks like, the more my eyes and heart are opening to recognize the quiet strength in the other women around me who, too, have chosen to get up that morning.

The women who are still climbing their mountains, still looking up, still choosing to hope, to love, to believe, to dream, to try.

‘Cause life just doesn’t always play “fair.” Our stories are often just not the ones we would have written for ourselves. The truth and reality is that life is often really, really hard. The struggle is real.

In my little slice of earth, I see women fighting the good fight every single day. Women who are living their faith and hope out loud and unashamed.

Women who are holding up their wounded soldiers and friends.

Women who are praying for a child who has lost their way.

Women who are walking the lonely road of deployments and separation.

Women who are sending grown children off to college and then pcs’ing half a globe away from them.

Women who are building community together, over and over again, with each duty station.

Women who face debilitating health issues, in themselves or in their children, and yet refuse to give in or give up.

Women who daily refuse to give in to fear.

Women who love fiercely, give selflessly, pray unceasingly.

Women whose legs may be wobbly, but by golly, they are


You are the real women that fill me with wonder. I am incredibly proud to stand alongside each and every one of you. We are “Wonder” women. We may not boast flawless make-up while flying through the air, but we are nailing it in every sense that matters.

We are still here.

The song I want to share with you today actually inspired this post. It is off Nichole Nordeman’s newest album entitled, Every Mile Mattered. The song is called, “Sound of Surviving.” The tag line encourages you to say to yourself, “I’m still here…No, I’m not done fighting…I am still rising.” We are, indeed.

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself…

In the face of your mountains, you still have climb left in your legs.


Sometimes courage needs to be spoken over yourself because your heart needs the reminder.

Praying that if you needed this reminder today – you got it.  Yes, you already are a wonder woman. I am proud of you. Proud to stand with you.

With joy for the journey,


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