Because we need a love that never fails,
that never gives up,
that never runs out.

Because we’re facing mountains
and graves,
and we need something constant,
some One who will never change,
we turn to You, Lord.

We need You when planes fall from the sky
and ships sink to the deep.
We need You when nations rattle sabers
and neighbors raise fists to neighbors.
We need You when orders come
and warriors walk away, sail away, fly away.

And we need You when we wake to little smiles and happy giggles.
We need You when the sun shines and the checklists get done.
We need You when the stars come out and the deep breaths come.

Because Father God, in You we live and move and breathe.

God, we thank You for working in every detail of our lives.
We thank You for homes bought and sold and rented and made at each new station.
We thank You for new babies and adopted little ones coming home.
We thank You for directing all of our families through this military life.
We thank You for experiences and friends and adventures and education.
We thank You for surrounding us everywhere we go.

As we see Your hand all around us, we are emboldened to ask You for more.
We pray for the military spouse, Lord.
We pray for our many projects and volunteer involvements.
We pray for PWOC and the chapels.
We pray for the long days and short years of the moms of little ones.
We pray for wisdom for the moms of teens, grace for the moms of young adults.
We pray for those teaching their kids.
We pray for those in challenging careers. We pray for those in challenging marriages.
We pray You will hold closely the spouses of the deployed.
And we pray for Your healing power to work through the spouse of the hurting warrior.

Father God, we especially pray for the loved ones of the recently fallen. Help them through their daily decisions. Give them the peace only You can give. May You be more real to them now than ever before.

May we see Your love surrounding us today. Thank You, Lord.