For this week’s Monday Minute, Claudia shares with us why it is important that we all participates a part of the body of Christ.

When I am a Part of the Body of Christ 

by Claudia Duff

Part of the military lifestyle is the fact that you will always be in some type of movement. We are not a static community; we move a lot. Yet we are a community and that is amazing. It doesn’t just happen there is a building process that never ends, even after retirement.

Church shopping is hard but a must in building community. And when you are retired it gets a little more complicated. You see we had to church shop with the knowledge that we would not be moving in the next year or two. Well that changes everything about how you church shop, doesn’t it? We had to think strategically and long term. With that in mind, our shopping list became even more detailed. At the top of that list was us.

What are we bringing to the body of Christ?

How are we fitting into the mission of ministry to the people in our community?

What is it that God has called us to do to impact kingdom building and winning souls to Christ?

What is our super power in the church? 

“For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.”

I Corinthians 12:12 ESV

This verse reminds me that I am essential to the ministry of Christ.

No matter what my part is, it is important. As the body of Christ we must function as one body. Working together to bring about the ministry of the church and to build God’s kingdom here on earth. Being a part of the body of Christ is a calling and we are to embrace it with both arms. 

When our Dufflings were small we were attending a church that required the mom to work in the nursery as long as you had a child in the nursery. I had three kids in five years, and honestly it felt like I was in nursery jail. The week of my third Duffling’s third birthday I informed the director to remove my name from the rotation. She was so shocked. Her comment, “But you are so good at it. The kids love you and everyone enjoys working with you. Are you sure you want to leave?” My response, “Yep. I have been counting down the days for the past three years.” My time in the nursery felt like I was the toe of the body of Christ. It didn’t seem like I was doing much but I gave my best and that made all the difference. 

Play Your Part in the Body of Christ

Let’s face it 2020 has shaped up to be nothing like anything we have seen before, but it is not a shocker to Jesus. Some of us are unfamiliar with the ministry of the body of Christ, and it shows. As a family we had to look at what we were able to bring to the body of Christ. Judging our seasons and strengths we decided we didn’t have much to bring and we might just be the elbow of the body of Christ for right now. Even elbows have a specific function and are essential to bending your arm. 

After much prayer and trying a few things like Sunday school, Sunday evening services, both morning services, women’s Bible study, men’s Bible study, small group, virtual worship, and volunteer opportunities we have finally settled into somewhat of a consistent church jam. My husband was able to commit to a weekly men’s prayer group, our adult daughter is heavily involved with the college ministry, and I am attending our weekly small group. 

It was a true struggle to realize our part in weekly worship and daily community building. The most important thing that I have learned is that the body of Christ is essential to the believer’s heart. We need one another because God created us for relationship. Not just the receiving end of it but even more so the pouring out of it. We are being filled daily with the spirit of Christ and bearing the fruit of the spirit All of that has to go somewhere. It’s not just for ourselves. 

Move Out

Read: “For the body does not consist of one member but of many.” (I Corinthians 12:14 ESV)

Reflect: Discover how God plans to use your giftings and talents within the body of Christ by making a prayerful list of the things you are good at. Do not limit yourself to just the spiritual things; think practically. I happen to be a pretty good seamstress. How can I use that to impact the body of Christ? 

Respond: Our church has a home for unwed mothers. I am sure they would love donated baby quilts to give away to the moms and babies. In spending time with these precious young ladies I will have the opportunity to share the love of Christ in more practical ways but just as profound as a Bible study. Now it’s your turn. How can you serve your community as the body of Christ? 


Lord, as I seek you to know my place in the body of Christ, may become convinced of your faithfulness. Being confident that you alone will lead me to the exact place I belong, doing the exact thing you have already made provision for. May I trust you above all else and may your love for me grant me courage to remain obedient to the call. It is in your name that I pray and believe, Amen.