what ifYears ago, God began whispering in my heart – “What if military women (both wives and active duty) came together to worship God and to grow in their Christian walk?” “What if we connected with each other, then challenged and encouraged each other to follow God with our whole heart wherever it was God had planted us?” “What if we all found our stability in Christ, purpose in our place, and impacted a world for Christ?”

What if?

I have found in the past few years that God has whispered these same things in the hearts of godly military women around the world. Ten of them you can find on our “About” page. Today is the day we ask you to join us in the “What if.”

Jeremiah 17:8, our theme verse tells us the tree “does not fear when heat comes,” “nor worries in a year of drought,” and “never fails to bear fruit.” The tree accomplishes these things because it is planted by the water and sends out its roots by a stream. The tree can withstand much and continue to grow and flourish because it found the source of life.

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I want to be that tree. Planting my roots in the dirt where I am is not going to do it. My strength, my hope, my stability all come from one Life Source. That is where I have to plant my roots. Our lives as military women can be crazy and difficult and hard, but God put us in the place where we are intentionally. His desire is not for a life of misery or heart ache, but one of abundance (John 10:10). He has a plan for each of us.

He is our source of life, but He has also given us each other. As women, we find encouragement and strength in our battle buddies – the women who walk this road with us. Together we worship, share stories of what God has done, give godly council to those who are struggling, watch each others kids, make meals for each other. We walk together in this thing called life, seeking all the while to follow Jesus.

This is where Planting Roots comes in. This is the “What if.” With live and online (hopefully through simulcast) events, we bring military women together to hear biblical teaching, worship our Savior, and connect with each other. We walk away with renewed and growing faith, new friends, and a desire to serve the Savior in the place He has planted us.

So I am prayerfully asking you to join us in the “What if.” Join the conversation on facebook, see what’s happening on twitter, maybe share pictures and stories on pinterest, sign up on our website to follow the blog, announcements, and be a part of our community, then maybe even sharing with a friend. Next May maybe you and your friend can even join us in person!! Check out the information on our first live event! If you can’t make that one, no worries, another is coming!

We are all part of the “What if.” Joining together as military women and the body of Christ, we can truly impact a globe with the Gospel. What more could we want? Just ordinary women seeking to follow Jesus and to make Him known. We are Planting Roots. Welcome to the “What if.”

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