Lord, You have promised You will never leave us or forsake us,

so we pray You will be with our warriors

in Korea

in Iraq

in Afghanistan

in Europe

on the seas

and everywhere.

You have promised You will give wisdom to those who ask.

So we ask for our leaders

in the White House

in the Pentagon

on the ships

in the cockpits

on the battlefields.

You have promised to draw all to You and to forgive those who repent.

So we ask that our military members would be convicted and turn to You. May revival happen in our ranks!

We pray the enemy of their souls would have no say in their lives.

We pray the spirit of suicide would be thwarted and Your hope would prevail in every life.

We pray You would turn their mourning into dancing.

We know You give power to the weak and skills to the warriors.

So we pray for our military. May their missions be in the right.

May their equipment function. May their supply lines be open.

May their aim be straight. May their hope, their confidence be in You.

You say You will rescue the perishing. We pray for safety for our deployed. And we pray justice and peace will prevail for the people of the world.

You promise rest for the weary, so we pray for our warriors to be able to sleep. Please keep them healthy. May they not be eaten up with worry or depression.

You have promised a peace that is beyond understanding.

So we pray for our warriors’ hearts as they are far from loved ones. Give them courage and may they feel Your presence.

You have said You will be a Father to the fatherless. And so we confidently pray for the families of our fallen. Lord, please be with them, help with every step and decision, heal their hearts.

What an amazing thing to be able to trust You to fulfill Your promises! You are faithful. You are loving. You are powerful. And You have this whole world in Your hands!