God of the impossible
Who makes the impossibly big great white shark
the impossibly small chickadee
the impossible color of salmon and scarlet on the maple’s fall leaves
the impossible number of stars swirled in the heavens.

Lord God who does the impossible every day
who sends the money before the known need
who holds together under crushing grief
who starts the tiny heartbeat
who clears a safe path through the battle
who chisels the impossibly hard stone heart
who heals the one who is supposed to die.

Lord, we ask for the impossible
we ask for unity in our Christian communities
we ask for military-strong people to submit their hearts, bend their knees to You
we ask for joy and blessings and good attitudes about living where we don’t want to be
we ask for Your hand to lead and protect our kids
we ask You to change, mold, use us for Your will.

Lord we pray for the new military wife, trying to learn this culture.
We pray for the spouses facing their first deployment, or second, or third…
We pray for the tired mom of the little ones. Lord give her strength and joy.
We pray for the moms of the school-aged kids. Help them be consistent in discipline and able to connect.
We pray for the moms of the young adults. Comfort their hearts as they miss them, and help them give wise guidance.
For all of us, Lord may we be inspiring examples of how to grow in You.
We pray for those waiting to be mothers. Lord, hold them close.

We pray for the many things we do to help our military communities. May our efforts be established for Your glory.
We pray for the hurting. We pray against suicide in our ranks. Lord, use us to reach out.
We pray You will win the battles, beginning with the ones inside of us.

We pray You will keep doing the impossible!

Every Giant Will Fall*

When my fear’s like Jericho
Build their walls around my soul
When my heart is overthrown
Your love is my battle cry
The anthem for all my life

Every giant will fall, the mountains will move
Every chain of the past, You’ve broken in two
Over fear, over lies, we’re singing the truth
That nothing is impossible with You (woah)
With You (woah)

There is hope within the fight
In the wars that rage inside
Though the shadows steal the light
Your love is my battle cry
The anthem for all my life

No greater name, no higher name
No stronger name than Jesus
You overcame, broke every chain
Forever reign, King Jesus

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*Every Giant Will Fall
CCLI #7051633
Written By Chris Llewellyn, Gareth Gilkeson
2015 Thankyou Music