From the mountains of Italy to the swamps of Louisiana,
From the plains of Kansas to the beaches of Okinawa,
You are where we want to be, and where we don’t want to be.
When we step onto the stage, and when we sit in the corner of an empty house,
When we’ve got it all together and when we can’t keep one thing straight,
You are steady.

We thank You for going before us and coming behind us.
We thank You for the special grace You give military wives
And we ask for Your continued blessings.

You are the One who is able to keep us safe in our moves.
You are the One who can heal our hearts and hold us close when saying good-bye to friends.
You are the One who can orchestrate new opportunities, new friendships, new adventures we could never dream of.
You are the One who can mold us in the “waiting room,” who can shape us during what seems like “wasted” time.
You are the One who can give us resolve to pour out our sacrifice.
And You are the One who will reward us in the end.

You are the One who truly loves us.

Thank You, Lord, and may we be aware of Your presence today.

We pray for the mom who is waiting to adopt. May there be peace in the waiting.
We pray for the moms of the little ones. May they get rest and find strength in Your joy.

We pray for the wife who is trying to care for her ailing parents. Give her wisdom.
We pray for the moms and the teachers completing their school year. May they impart a joy of learning.
We pray for the wives in leadership. Please give them insight into team building.

We pray for the woman who is embarking on a new dream. Give her direction in her efforts for Your glory.

We pray for the wives of the deployed. Lord please give them more of Your grace in their homes today. May the whole family grow closer to You.

We pray for the FRGs, the VBSs, the PWOCs, the coffee groups…all these things that we invest in. Lord, may those around us see You.

We pray for our hurting warriors. Lord, surround them with Your witnesses. Thwart any effort to hurt themselves. Give us wisdom in how to stop the suicides.

We pray for the safety of our deployed. May the hard times bring growth in You.

We pray for wisdom for our leaders in this troubled world.

And we are so grateful that no matter what, or where, You are ever over us.

I will lift my eyes to the hills and their Creator
who made all heaven and earth
for He watches me
never sleeps no never slumbers
He’s ever over me.
As I come and I go
I am safe for I know
that His grace is sufficient for me
Winter warmth and light
and a shady place in summer,
He’s ever over me.  –Bob Stromberg

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He is Ever Over Me
CCLI #7051633
Written By Bob Stromberg
1994 Stream Mountain Music