Lord we need You–even to love You!

The Great I Am is truly our all in all.

And we ask for Your continued mercy on our days.

When we scream at our kids, again,

Lord have mercy.

When we hurt and get hurt by our spouses, the ones we love the most,

Lord have mercy.

When the smallest bill, change of plans, hiccups send us into an anxious tizzy,

Lord have mercy.

When we forget You are God all-powerful,

God all-loving,

Lord have mercy.

When we’re criss-crossing the country, creating homes like so many migrating birds,

Lord have mercy

When we’re facing days alone with our love on the other side of the world,

Lord have mercy.

Thank You Lord.

Thank You for mercy from creation to the cross to eternity.

Thank You for Your new mercies we see every morning.

Thank You for being with us in every step of this crazy, wonderful military life.

Please help us have strength and joy for our family.

Please help us be lights for our community.

May we be examples for our children, steady rocks for our friends.

And may we be brave in following You–

ready to tell,

willing to get dirty,

and to risk pain,

believing in God-sized things

in God-sized mercies.