God in heaven,
Who do we have in heaven but You?
Where else could we turn for courage?
Who else could give us strength?
Where could we find wisdom that sees beyond the present time?
What other leader, god, would give us compassion based on true understanding?
Who else can truly make the sacrifice worth it?

Only You, Lord.
Only You, the Creator, can know what is best for us.
Only You, the One who holds time, can know when to make a move.
Only You, the One who came to us as a baby, can be trusted to really love us.

Thank You, Lord.
Thank You for having a hand in every part of what is happening in the world.
Thank You we can trust that You will make all things good for us.
Thank You that You are all-powerful and all-loving.

We pray for a filling of Your Spirit–this courage, this strength, this love–into our leaders.
Please give our president wisdom for every decision he will make.
May his advisers have sound words that come from You.
Please be with those who are speaking with foreign leaders. Guide them in every interaction.
We pray for our vice president. May his influence spread.
We pray for our secretary of defense. Lord, please be with him.

We pray for every leader throughout our ranks, Lord. Teach them. Embolden them and humble them as needed. May they make things better for those around them.

We pray for all the offices, the motor pools, the hangers, the cockpits, the bridges…Lord, may there be unity in purpose.

And we especially pray for all of our Christian leaders in our military. Lord, may Your Spirit shine through. May they be willing, effective tools for Your kingdom.

Lord, only You can bring peace to our world, peace to our lives. We pray that our hurting warriors would see You surrounding them. May the spirit of suicide be defeated and may these people find purpose in You.

We pray for the people of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea. May Your will be done. We look to see Your hand.

And Lord, please be with our families of the fallen. Hold them as only You can.

Thank You for holding all of us.