God of the winds,

the One Who moves the storms

and sends the tickling breeze,

Who lifts the monarch on its way

and rolls the waves in,

Who blows in the seasons.

God Who can comfort a mother’s heart,

Who can turn a tyrant’s will,

Who can still the nations,

It is to You we pray,

to You we bring our soldiers, our sailors, our warriors in the air, our defenders of the coasts.

We pray for their protection.

We pray for skills in their tasks

and wisdom for their missions.

We pray for courage.

We pray for food and water and supplies,

strength and rest.

We pray they can work together well.

We pray for revival.

Stir the winds of Your Spirit throughout our ranks.

May they turn their hearts to You.

We pray for mental fortitude,

steady their hearts, secure their resolve,

may they find their confidence in You.

We pray against suicide in our military

and our hurting veterans.

Lord please heal as only You can.

We thank You, Lord, for these men and women, willing to serve and sacrifice.

We thank You for Your love and protection.

We thank You for pursuing us.

And we give You the glory.