Trying to earn,

trying to prove,

trying to fix,

trying to take care of,

trying to control.

When every missed appointment screams failure,

when the to-do list never gets anything checked off,

when the finances and the fashions and the fitness don’t measure up,

when the calendar pages just keep flying by…

You Are.

You are enough.

You are enough for my loneliness.

You are enough for my fear.

You are enough for my failures.

So, Lord, help me to hog tie and haul up and throw my stuff on Your altar again.

I am so incapable of carrying it.

And You are.

You are more than capable.

You have more than enough strength.

You have more than enough resources.

You have more than enough love for me.

We lay at Your feet our many concerns today Lord:

our warriors in harm’s way

our children in the throes of growing up

our home’s issues as we establish again

our parents with health issues

our hurting friends.

We pray for our hurting veterans. Lord, may they be able to lay it all down at Your feet too. May the spirit of suicide be defeated.

We pray for our leaders and our world. Lord, we ask for peace. Give our leaders wisdom in dealing with North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, and so many more.

We pray for ourselves and the many things we are trying to do. Lord, may we be in Your will. May our work be accomplished as we honor You. Lord, please help us to filter our emotions through You. Help us with the anxiety our lifestyle can so easily bring. May we be with You in every decision we make throughout the day.

We pray for the transportation of this military on the move. Please keep our warriors safe. We pray for the families that are reuniting after deployment. Lord, be the grace between them. We pray for those who are deploying. Give those families grace.

It is to You, the great I Am, we pray,

the One who moves the winds and the storms and the waves,

the One who turns the seasons,

the One who has the power of life and death.

Lead us now,


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