In this week’s Sunday Prayer, Hillary prays for us to envision ways to be spending the day in prayer.

A Prayer for Spending the Day in Prayer       

by Hillary Baggett

Good Morning Lord,

Lying in bed, and not yet fully awake, I start my day and think of you. Wondering about the adventures ahead today, what do you have in mind? Your Word tells me that your thoughts are higher than my thoughts, O Lord; your ways are higher than my ways.

My feet touch the carpet, the aches and crackle in my joints tell me I am getting older. But I trust you with every step. You direct my steps.

Sitting down with a devotion, a journal, and a Bible I quiet my mind, still my body, and wait for your peace to wash over me. Forgive me, Lord, I missed our meeting yesterday. Thank you for the grace and mercy you grant me every single day. I am still and I know that you are God.

Prayer time with you, my Abba Father, my Daddy, can be peaceful, frantic, overwhelmingly joyful, cleansing, and refreshing. You tell me to pray continually.

In the Middle of the Day

Mid-day I send up prayer arrows of my worries and pleas, for both my friends and family members. Nothing is impossible for you, Lord.

Knowing I can not shoulder these burdens and worries alone, you tell me that I should take your yoke upon me because your burden is easy and your yoke is light. I surrender my fear of letting go, the anxiety of losing control, the vulnerability that comes with not knowing what to do or say.

As the Day Draws to a Close

At the dinner table, I share what I am grateful for that day, not only for my family, friends, dog, and home, but also the challenges, the growth, and most of all for the time with you.

As the day ends I climb into bed tired and weary, yet trying to not worry about tomorrow. Your Word tells me to not worry about tomorrow because today has enough worries of its own.

I close my eyes and rest in perfect peace because I believe in the God of the universe, the lover of my soul, and you, O Lord, are always for me and never against me.

Good night heavenly Father, if it is your will, I’ll see you in the morning! Amen.