For this week’s Thursday Prayer, join Tonia in this prayer to shift our focus toward Jesus in all that we say and do.

Shift Our Focus Toward Jesus

Lord, I turn to You

to get the inside track

and obtain special favors,

Your direction for my schemes

Your power for my projects,

Your sanctions for my ambitions, 

Your blank check for whatever I want.

Change me Lord.

Make me a man who asks of You and of others

What can I do for You?”

–Robert A. Raines, from the book Improving Your Serve


Yes, Lord. Oh, yes, Lord.

Help us to turn our eyes off ourselves and to you.

Help us to pray to the Father whose name is holy, whose kingdom is coming, whose will is the only will that should be done.


We ask that you give us what we need. 

And please don’t give us things that make us too comfortable,

that make us too proud,

that make us forget our dependency on you.


Please forgive us.

Help us to forgive others.

Change our world through the rippling effects of mercy and grace and love.


From when our eyes open in the morning with tumbling thoughts of the day

to when we close them at night

may our days be filled with moments with you.

May we be changed by being in your presence.

And may our world be changed.


Help us to see the lavish gifts of beauty and grace you surround us with:

the deep purple of the pansy

the innocent smile of the child

the hush before a storm blows in.


And Lord make us your ambassadors in our homes and in our hurting communities. We pray that you will bind the spirit of suicide. We pray for hope and healing. 


Lord, please lead us through this PCS season step by step. May houses be found/bought/sold/rented. May our families grow closer together and closer to you as we detach from our old assignments. Put us where we can shine your light best.


Thank you Lord for all the answers to prayers, past and coming. You can be trusted, and you know what is best. We love you. Amen.

Our Prayer Team considers it an honor to pray for you. If you have personal prayer needs, you can submit your requests on our Prayer Request Page.