Wow, it is April and here at Planting Roots we will begin to focus on our new quarterly theme of Seek.

As I think about the word SEEK, I cannot help but think about the egg hunts my children participated in Easter weekend. At every egg hunt the atmosphere was the same. Excitement and anticipation filled the air and the faces of all the children. The excitement started hours, well maybe even days, before the egg hunts even happened.

I was enlightened that at each egg hunt, the masses of little ones were overly excited and all of them were hopeful about what they would find in those plastic eggs. When the hunts started, they searched for those eggs with all they had and continued searching when it looked like all the eggs had been found.

As I watched this scene unfold at egg hunt after egg hunt, I couldn’t help but be convicted. I thought to myself, this is the way we are to seek the Lord every day–not some days, not the days we can fit it in our schedules, but every day.

Our Lord is waiting for seekers whose hearts and minds are all in, seeking a relationship with Him.


It is not easy. I get it. At times, especially those times in life that are packed full of “stuff,” we can get out of balance. At times, seeking the Lord dwindles or may even be a check the block sort of time on a to-do list that is a mile long.

This half-heartedness is not what God wants from us. God wants us to seek Him with all our hearts and all our minds. The good news is, when we get out of balance, our Lord is waiting with open arms for us to come back and seek Him. When we do, we will find Him.



We all can have the attitudes of children at egg hunts. Our hearts can be all in and burst with excitement as we seek the Lord and what He has in store for us. We can be filled with hope in the things He has planned for our lives. The good news is that we don’t have to wait for once a year to seek the Lord; we can choose to seek daily, and daily we are bound to find something great!



I want to resemble a child at an egg hunt! How about you?