In this week’s Sunday prayer, Jessica and Hillary encourage us to focus on Jesus while parenting. What a great way to close out this month’s focus on flourshing in parenting!

Praying to Focus on Jesus While Parenting 

by Jessica Babcock and Hillary Baggett


Jesus, please help me to keep my mind on you. 

Help me to trust you in a way that drives out my anxiety over the countless things a mother can worry about. 

YOU are in control. YOU direct the steps of my children. YOU are their Heavenly Father. YOU, who knew them and loved them before I did and for that, I am eternally grateful. 

Thank you for the blessing of becoming a mother. I believe you have already equipped me for this role even though I sometimes feel so ill-prepared for some of the challenges I’m facing.

Shower me with the patience, courage, and stamina

to be the best Jesus-like mom I can be. 

Lord, I also pray for all the other parents out there who are coping with distractions, demands, deployments, TDY, PCS moves, and feeling pulled in all directions. Cover them in peace like a warm blanket, infuse them with courage to say “yes” only when you would have them say yes. Holy Spirit, grant them extra humility to be obedient and bravery to say “no”. We need more “no” in our lives to focus on sitting at the feet of Jesus. 

Relieve the peer pressure that even adults face. Gently lead them to quiet time with you.

Forgive us all when we stumble, fall, and forget about you – our number one priority. Help us and show us how to forgive ourselves for these mistakes. We are only human. You did not design us for perfection, but to lean on you.

Renew our spirits with steadfast faith, our minds with laser-sharp focus, our bodies with rest and recovery, so that we can emulate the loving Abba Father that you are.

I trust you, Jesus!

We boldly pray, Lord, hear our prayer. Amen.