For this week’s Sunday Prayer, Michelle shares this prayer for the health and wellbeing of those who love service members.

A close up of white and pink roses that says Sunday Prayer: Let us pray

A Prayer for the Health and Wellbeing of Those who Love Service Members

by Michelle Hieb


Heavenly Father,

You have gifted us with amazing bodies that we confess we often take for granted. 

We expect the breath to come, the heart to beat with regularity, the blood to cleanse itself, the digestive system to absorb nutrients from the morsels we feed it. The muscles to move, and organs to perform as designed. We forget to praise you for the daily miracle that is the body. Until it doesn’t work as expected-then we may complain, whine, or even blame. Holy Spirit help us to rejoice and be grateful even through the pain.

Lord, today we ask that you sustain the bodies of the wives, mothers, and significant others of our service members. These women provide support, nurturing, and strength to those who wear the uniform and their families. They daily pour out into others.

Pour health into their bodies.

We ask, Lord, that you provide comfort to those women who have received terrifying diagnoses and worry about their families, even as their families worry about them. YHWH, I pray they will rest in you. That they will turn their anxieties of the future to you and allow your peace and comfort to sustain them as their bodies heal.

Heavenly Father, for those women who are caregivers we ask that you sustain their minds, bodies, and spirits as they pour out into those who are struggling to care for themselves. Lord, provide individuals who will step in and provide respite, that they may face the tasks of the day renewed and filled with your love. 

Renew Us, Lord

Great Physician, as we turn our anxieties and questions over health to you, we trust that you will protect our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Holy Spirit, we ask that the same protection be given to all those in uniform and those who love someone in uniform so that suicide will be blotted out from among our ranks. We pray that hope will replace despair and life will replace death. 


In Jesus Name.


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