The Psalmist asks God to ‘establish the work of my hands.’ We can too. Please join us in praying for military spouses’ work this week.

Prayer for Military Spouses’ Work

by Tonia Gutting

Establish the work of our hands, Lord.
You are the one with all power to complete all tasks,
all wisdom to unravel problems
all love to care for your people.

And yet you limit yourself and involve us in the work.
You give grace in our failings.
You give joy in our accomplishments.
You give growth in the struggle.

Help Us to Joyfully Serve the Lord

Help us to see this day’s work as you do, as a gift given,
as a means in which we can serve you.
Help us today to do each task with all diligence and a joyful spirit,
as working for you;
because we are.

We pray for the military spouse who is looking for paid work.
Lord, may the right opportunity come open.
But if not, help them to trust in you for the finances, the self-worth, the joy in the mission you have given them.

We pray for the moms who are overwhelmed by their work, like those raising little ones with deployed husbands. Lord help them prioritize. Help them to love the job. Help them to sleep.

We pray for the many military spouses’ volunteer work. May our communities continue to be blessed by them. May there be many hands to make light work. May the efforts bring people together as a team.

For Those Who Are Hurting

We pray for our hurting veteran families. Please show those who can’t work new purpose. Be with the spouses who are now shouldering the financial responsibilities. We pray against any pressures that would cause suicidal thoughts.

We pray for our attitude in facing tasks–not with bitterness, nor conceit, nor laziness. May we show our children by example what it means to truly serve others with joy, humility, passion. Break us of our addiction to comfort, Lord. May we especially be always ready to work in your fields of harvest–telling others the Good News of Jesus.

We thank you for the work you have done and continue to do in our lives. Be with us now in ours. Amen.