Dear Lord, today we pray for truth in friendships in this season.

Bless the women reading this with a new deep friendship with another godly woman and prayer partner so they will feel your strength, peace, and provision on the darkest of days.

Lord, we rebuke the spirits of anxiety, of depression, of insecurity that prevent us from reaching out to a new friend. Give us courage, vulnerability, and compassion as we learn to build friendships and love those around us.

We ask for protection around the hearts, minds, homes, marriages.

For all the women in the middle of a PCS or permanent change of station in a military move, we pray for their vulnerable hearts, for their weary bodies, for their busy minds filled with to-do lists bouncing around. We pray they see the victory is in You, Lord. That each woman will be drawn to a deeper relationship with you during this time.

Surround her with a few incredible women, whether online or in person, to encourage her in her faith, and the reminder that You are the God of transformation. You can transform the heart, mind, marriage, and health status when we submit our will to align with Yours.

We pray against the spirit of hopelessness and suicide, Father God. You are THE hope. You are the Light. Shine Your light into the lives of each woman reading so they feel Your love and peace permeating every cell of their body.

In the Name of Jesus we pray,


(Written by Hillary Baggett)