“Me too” are two powerful words that create immediate connection. In a matter of minutes, these two words can turn strangers into friends.

Don’t think so?

Our military world gives opportunities to use these words often. Have you ever started talking to a total stranger at your new installation to find that you had both lived at another installation? Then comes the rundown of when you were there and with which unit.

We do the same with people. Love those conversations of, “No way! Do you know so-and-so?” From how many kids we have to the number of duty stations we’ve been to and enlisted or officer to home of record, we in this military culture use the words “Me too.”

When I began pondering the idea of Planting Roots, I started to dream of connecting Christian military women worldwide. It was a vision of having a place where we could encourage and challenge each other to grow in our faith, a place where we could equip each other through resources and community, and join together in our pursuit of impacting the Kingdom in the place where we are planted.

As I talked about such an idea, I found others who looked me straight in the eye and said, “Me too.”

They too had dreams of such things, and with two other words God began to build something we had only imagined. They responded with, “I’m in.”

Together we started to imagine if the approximately 250,000 Christian military women around the world joined together in one force, we could become one of the greatest missionary movements of history.

Us. Regular, ordinary military women, could impact an entire globe for Christ because we are truly everywhere from Korea to Kansas, Germany to Georgia, Afghanistan to Alaska. We span the globe. Can you imagine what God could do with us if together we went ALL IN with obedience and courage to what He has called us to in the place where we are?

We have a mission field, from the cubicle next to us to the neighbor next door. We can’t let the opportunity pass us by. So, Planting Roots was born.

Today, three years into this adventure, the Lord has used us to host six live conferences, write eight Bible studies, grow an online community of over 3,500 ladies, and so much more. HE has done this and we are amazed – all because we said “I’m in” to His invitation.

As we look at another year ahead, we have dreams of more Bible studies in hard copy format, additional resources on our website, more conferences where we as military women can meet in person, a worship CD by the Planting Roots Worship Team, and more.

It is something only God can do, but thankfully we get to be a part.


Today, for Giving Tuesday, we want to invite you to say, “I’m in.” We want to invite you to join us in this adventure. You can do this through prayer, our most powerful tool, using these desires as requests to bring before the Lord. We also ask for prayer for our team, for families, marriages, wisdom, and discernment. Our desire is to seek and to follow with obedience and courage in all the Lord would have us do.

Second, we ask you to join us financially. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we, as an all-volunteer force of military women, operate solely on the generosity of our team and those who come alongside us. Is God leading you to invest in the work of Planting Roots? It is a vision like none other and we are excited about all He has in store. We invite you to say, “I’m in.”

You can give online through our website (www.plantingroots.net/give), through our free Planting Roots app, and by mailing a check to Planting Roots (PO Box 84, Leavenworth, KS 66048).

I’m in. Are you?

A missionary force of Christian military women. It’s a vision worth catching.