How I’m Learning by Larissa Traquair

Listening doesn’t come naturally to me. Sunday sermons were often a time of day dreaming as my mind wandered. I struggled to pay attention to sermons, often forgetting what I heard by the time I walked out the church doors.

Getting frustrated with myself, I started taking notes during the sermon.


This simple practice ignites spiritual growth.

I take notes when listening to our pastor on Sundays. Actually, I take notes all the time now. Whether I’m listening to my pastor, speaker,  podcast or periscope, I write the main points in a small notebook.

This is a great habit I started years ago because it helps me to concentrate on the content. Taking notes, I remember much more of what I learned. Over the years, God has shown me ways to get more mileage out of a Sunday sermon.


The Basics:

I include the following details:

  • Date
  • Name of Speaker
  • Location: Name of church or url of website
  • Title *

*I always identify where I heard the information in case I want to listen to it again or decide to share the link on social media.


My system for note taking.

I created a system to differentiate what the speaker/pastor said from my personal notes. God usually gives me a word or statement to add to my notes while the speaker/Pastor is talking. If a quote is mentioned I try to write it down or I write as much as I can down and write the quote author’s name so I can look it up later.

I rarely have time to write out every scripture our pastor mentions, so I write the verse address, draw a box around it. I write the first part of the scripture or something like “Sermon on the Mount” to remind me of the significance of the scripture.

Learn on Sunday; reflect on Monday.

On Monday, I go back and write the whole scripture out and do some further studying. My goal is to reflect on my sermon notes for my devotional time with God on Monday. Looking back at the notes, within 24 hours of hearing them really drives points home.


Why is this important?

I remember more of what I learn. Also, I’m learning to recognize how God speaks to me through the sermon. God showed me recently that taking notes gives me the option to share what He’s taught me so others can benefit as well.

And, I think it honors the pastor’s time by remembering good points so I can apply them.



Small notebook and a pen.

I carry a small notebook that fits in my purse. I like to have sermon notes in one place, so I’ve disciplined myself to write small and streamline my notes.

To add verses or notes or my own reflections, I use what people in the craft world call tip-ins. Tip-ins are smaller cards or pieces of paper that you secure with scotch tape and/or washi tape to create more room for additional information.

This is also an easy way to make your note pages look more fun. I plan space for the tip-ins. 

Be as creative as you like or keep it simple.

You can see how I do this in the video if you’d like more explanation and a visual.

The goal is to capture sermon content so you can pay attention to what God wants to say you.

The bottom line:

  • Take sermon notes on Sunday
  • Add insights God gives you (during the sermon or during your prayerful review)
  • Review, reflect, and pray on Monday
  • Additional study when desired
  • Apply what you learn
  • Share what you learn



Biblical preaching is an important way God speaks to us.

2 Corinthians 2:4-5

. . .my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God.                                  

Learning from God in this way personalizes the sermon and teaches me to recognize His voice. The more I pay attention to what I’m hearing, the more insights I discover. Recording and reviewing sermon notes has become one way I am All In to hear from God.

Reflecting on the sermon has helped me connect with God and grow in my faith in a powerful way.

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.–Romans 10:17

Try it and discover the wisdom God wants to share with you! Enjoy our Sermon Note Printable to get more mileage from sermons.

Free Sermon Note Printable

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