For this week’s Sunday Prayer, join Tonia as she prays for God’s wisdom for children in our military communities.

God’s Wisdom for Children

by Tonia Gutting


Father God,

You are the one who teaches the little boy in Alaska how to fish the frozen river,

the teenager in Florida how to help the kids in Sunday School,

the little girl in New York who is intrigued by bugs,

the college kid in Hawaii learning calculus.

All knowledge comes from you.


You continue to teach each generation

stretching the brain with new insights

revealing mysteries of the deep ocean, 

the depth of space,

the deep knowledge of the DNA.

The depths of your wisdom are unfathomable!


We are amazed at your world Lord.

We are in awe of how a tulip unveils its inner colors,

how a hummingbird migrates thousands of miles,

how a whale feeds her baby.

And oh, the wonders of your love!


Teach us, Lord.

And help us to teach the next generation.

If they master quantum physics but know nothing of you,

all is lost…vanity…striving after the wind.

If they get all accolades but place their value in pieces of paper,

they miss the mark completely.

If they do all the right things and become a great person, but they can’t point others to you,

it is pointless.


We pray our children learn to trust in you when Mom/Dad deploys.

We pray they find their confidence in you when they have to re-establish themselves in a new community.

We pray they learn forgiveness and mercy as they see you offer it to them.

We pray they learn wonder and awe of you as they go about their school tasks.

We pray they learn compassion as they see more of your world.


May they become more like you so they can shine your love. 

May they be witnesses to the hurting, 

and may they be your tools to help stop the suicides in their generation. 

May they reach the lonely, comfort the hurting veterans. 

May they bring you into more people’s worlds.


You alone can do this, Lord. We are amazed by you.



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