In this week’s Worship Wednesday, Jennifer Wake shares what God has taught her about finding peace in the eye of the storm.

Finding Peace In the Eye of the Storm

by Jennifer Wake

Have you ever been to a high school band concert or seen the symphony play? When the musicians take their seat they all start playing their instruments to warm up. It seems like absolute chaos. They all play different notes, making noise, but not music. Chaos. Then the 1st Chair, the lead musician, taps on the music stand to get everyone’s attention. All noise and chaos stops. One note is played and all the others join in. Perfectly in tune, ready to make beautiful music. Isn’t this like our lives?

Chaos is all around us but when we focus on the leader, the chaos changes to peace.

I was driving across the country from Kansas to Virginia when the song “Symphony” came on the radio. If I hadn’t had a deadline, I would have pulled over to worship God.  

During this trip, one of many across the country, my goal was to pick up my college student. The timing of departure from the dorm caused me to miss my high school senior’s last swim banquet and several people PCSing to their next home. As I drove listening to this song, God reminded me that He is Jehovah-Shalom. Our Lord is Peace. He calmed my heart and allowed me to relax into his arms. He surrounded me with his peace, the one that passes all understanding.

Finding Peace in God Alone

How many times over my 22 years of military moves have I felt this peace? Looking back I can say every move, deployment, surgery, God gave me peace.

To illustrate His peace in my life, God also reminded me of the bookends of his amazing story in my daughter’s first year of college.  Almost a year ago, she had to have a jaw joint replaced. After two years of constant pain, we finally found a doctor who would help her. He scheduled the surgery for July 3rd, exactly seven weeks before she would begin her freshman year at college. As usual, nothing is easy when dealing with health insurance. The military changed companies that January. All referrals were good until the end of June. On surgery day the hospital told us she could not have the surgery because the insurance rejected the referral from April.

Now I am sure none of you would react like me but I turned into an over-protective “Momma Bear,” and my initial instinct was to yell at people. Instead, I was filled with peace, God’s peace. I knew he would work this all out. Nurses were very helpful, the surgeon tried to reschedule us, and the administration told us phone numbers to call. After several calls to our insurance company in 3 hours, it was approved. Peace.

She came through the surgery with flying colors. The surgeon came to talk to us after it was done and I will never forget what he said. “You are the first parent I have ever seen be so calm when insurance canceled a surgery. Yet you moved mountains to get it to happen.”  

I did not move mountains. God did.

I was not calm. God was.

God is Peace when Storms Rage

I was in the eye of a storm but peace was there. Jehovah Shalom was there. I did nothing special – it was all God. He went before me and prepared the way for people to approve the surgery and for the surgical staff to be rested and ready to perform the procedure later that same day.

And my daughter had the perfect amount of recovery time at home before heading to college. Her jaw was wired shut for six weeks. She could not eat solid food. Yet because our God was leading us she had seven weeks to recover completely. Momma Bear could see her eat solid food again. Eating is no longer an issue and she is out of pain. Again, God showed his peace in the storm of worrying hearts.

Do you need help finding peace in the midst of your storm?

Do you find yourself in a storm? A storm of moving? Whenever we move there is chaos swirling around us. Do we have orders? Transportation dates? Clearing dates? A new house? Saying good-bye to friends. Going to the last events, being “farewelled.”  

What about a deployment storm? The loneliness, heartache, and worry all build into a storm cloud. It can feel like a tornado tearing at you. Look up into the center of the funnel cloud and you will see blue peaceful sky. God is with you in the center of the funnel cloud. He will take your thoughts and worries and give you peace if you will allow him.

So much chaos surrounds us, but if you turn to look you will see God tapping the conductor’s baton to get the attention of the musicians. Are you listening to the tapping? Ready to play a symphony? In an instant, everything can change from chaos into a symphony when we focus on the perfect conductor.

I pray “Symphony” by Switch will help you with finding peace in the eye of the storm.