The commissary the place we hate to go to and the one place we must all go to! Honestly when my Dufflings were small I would wait until the last possible moment like we were out of salt to go to the commissary. I have many stories I could share about my commissary adventures. Like the time I lost my son and the cart he was with. Or the time I had to leave a full cart of groceries because my precious little baby wouldn’t stop screaming. Oh! Lets not leave out the time I actually was able to go to the commissary alone, found every item on my list and used my coupons only to discover I had NO checks in my wallet! Yep, we all have our own personal battle stories from our time spent in the commissary. But, one of my favorite memories is me walking into the commissary with one Duffling on each side of me holding my pocket and a baby strapped to my front and just thinking, “how did I get here?” But, I made it out alive with food! A few years later I saw this sweet little Momma with the same scenario, what are the odds of that? I walked up to her and I said, “it will not always be this way. You can do this.” Her response, “you promise?” Just a random act of encouragement that I hope changed her day and possibly her life.
Encouragement is often a top need and a bottom reality. Why is that a true story? Take a trip with us to uncover this mystery and gain tools to help you give and receive encouragement. Follow the link and take our survey and it will be the start of our merry chase of ENCOURAGEMENT!
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Encouragement: Courage Poured In

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