Stephanie is a self-declared ministry Jack of all trades, master of none. Meaning, she sees a need, feels a holy spirit nudging to serve, and then jumps in and helps where she can. Stephanie originally began serving in her local church while teaching high school students. She later served as a Children’s Director at a rapidly growing church in the Kansas City area. Stephanie has been an Army Reservist wife for 13 years and she and her family recently made the jump into Active Duty Army life, where her husband serves as a Chaplain. Together with Stephanie and her husband, Kyle, teach classes and volunteer with the local duty station. Stephanie and her family have a heart for the military community and wanting to spread the hope of Jesus at every duty station.

Stephanie is a proud mom to her two boys Elijah (12) and Isaiah (9). She can speak the languages of soccer, football, jujitsu, and video games. Stephanie also has two Dachshunds that help complete their family.

She loves traveling and adventuring with her family, especially when those travels involve discovering tasty international foods. She wants to see the women of the military have such a firm foundation in Jesus Christ that when the trials of life come, they will not be shaken.