Born and raised in small-town Oklahoma, Kelli Baker joined the Army at the young age of 21. She met her husband while serving at Fort Meade and the two have been married for nine years. When they decided to start a family, her uniform and paratrooper boots were tucked away while she began washing cloth diapers and taking care of her newborn son. Now, six years later, their family has grown and the four of the Bakers reside in Georgia. Thankfully, the military has given her the opportunity to earn a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership and a Masters of Science in Finance. However, Kelli discovered her true passion for encouraging and inspiring women when she began leading praise and worship at her local Protestant Women of the Chapel. This ministry has allowed her to step outside of her comfort zone and really see the power of the Lord working through her.

In her free time, Kelli enjoys baking and biking, along with gardening and spending time outdoors with her two children. She dreams of one day authoring her own devotional book that not only encourages women but supports women in their relationship with the Father.

Kelli can be reached at: