Katherine Lambert is the Marketing Team Assistant for Planting Roots. As an Air Force brat, she has never lived anywhere for more than 4 years of her life and absolutely loves it! Some of her best memories are centered around life experiences that seemed completely normal, but learned later were a product of being fully integrated into the military and homeschool world. After her dad retired in 2010, their family moved to Colorado Springs where Katherine finished out high school before moving to a small city in Oklahoma to attend a small Christian university. She moved to Dallas, Texas taking a job as a Project Manager after graduation and is learning to adapt to a completely civilian world and big city life.

Katherine loves traveling and spending time with friends. She is working on cultivating one of her oldest loves of reading, and creating rhythms in order to get better at adulting. Katherine is thrilled to have the opportunity to help PR invite more Christian military women to be a part of the community and passionately live out their relationship with Jesus.

Katherine can be reached at: katherine.lambert@plantingroots.net