In this week’s Sunday Prayer, Michelle prays for our faith to flourish in transitions. As military women, we always seem to be in transition.

A Prayer for Faith to Flourish in Transitions 

by Michelle Hieb


Heavenly Father,

Changes are coming again. Just when things were getting into a routine and everything felt normal, calm, steady, and dependable- it is different.

Lord, sometimes we want the change, we’ve worked for it, desired it, anticipated it, give you the praise, and call it a blessing. 

We pray for the families experiencing new births, adoptions, marriages, and graduates leaving home for new adventures. Lord, please help each family member as they adjust to the additional family member and expand their hearts with even more love. Help them grieve the absence in a healthy manner as they experience the new void as a child or friend is no longer present in daily life. Help them to be mindful of each other and their own manner of adjusting.

New Jobs and promotions are hard sought and worked for, Lord thank you for these new opportunities. May we remember to turn our praise back to you, remembering that all our gifts and talents are gifts from you. Protect us from pride and arrogance. Keep us humble.

When Change is Unwanted

But, Lord, some changes, we want you to keep. We question you and your goodness when the change is undesired, unanticipated, and unexpected. Forgive our lack of faith.

Lord for those experiencing the loss of a loved one and learning to live without them on this side of heaven, please comfort their hearts. Help them to grieve as those with hope.

For those PCS’ing, ETSing, and Retiring we pray for wisdom and guidance in choosing new homes, new jobs, new schools. Lord help us remember how you have provided through these types of changes before and to rest strong in faith that your provision will be good for us again.

Holy Spirit Help Us Choose

Holy Spirit please remind us of God’s word and his promise to never leave nor forsake us.

     We choose to trust you in this period of transition. 

     We choose to submit to your sovereign will.

     We choose to continue to come to you in prayer and petition with thanksgiving and submit my needs to you and allow you to protect our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

     We choose belief, help our unbelief.


In Jesus Name,