Join Lisa Redford as she shares A Letter to My Military Child to close out our celebration of The Month of the Military Child.

A Letter to My Military Child

by Lisa Redford

I see your sacrifices daily.

I see you as you navigate emotions and responsibilities most children your age don’t know.

You put on a strong face each time our soldier walks out the door and doesn’t return for a long time.

I see you, knowing the impacts of war, and I hear your prayers for your dad and many others’ safety.

I see your tears when you miss your dad, friends, and family.

You say more goodbyes in a year than most say in their lifetime.

I see you as you jump into activities repeatedly and restart your life every few years.

You serve your community where God has placed you with enthusiasm and joy.

I see you love each other well.

You immediately make the “new kid” feel welcomed into the neighborhood.

I see you recognize and acknowledge your peers’ hard times.

You pour into relationships and do life over technology with lasting friends and family worldwide.

Then you support military families for a cause greater than yourself.

I see you rock thousands and thousands of miles of travel and more hotel stays than you remember.

You embrace the house we make a home and bloom in every single place God has planted you!

I see you living the life you did not choose, knowing it is God’s chosen life for you.

To my military children, I know this military life is not easy.

I also know the God that has set you on this path and been faithful in his promises to you.

You have taught this mom about intentional community building, investing in others, and trusting God’s promises.

I also know this life has grown your faith and given you friends and memories that will last you a lifetime!

I don’t know exactly what being a military child is like, but I love being on your team and doing this journey with you.

You have taught me so much!



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