To the God who shines in our lives like the morning sun burning away the fog

To the God who makes the dragonfly’s wings sparkle

To the God who sets the trees ablaze with yellow, orange, red

To the God who cools the air, stirs the breeze, sparks the imagination

To the God who makes the puppy soft and attentive

To the God who shakes the mountains, quiets the nations, causes the strong men to tremble

To You we give praise.

We give praise to the One who gives true forgiveness.

We give praise to the only One who can bring peace.

We give praise to the One who heals the soul, heals the heart, heals the memories and the insecurities and the fears, heals the body.

Thank You Lord Jesus.

Thank You for being with us through this military life.

Thank You for Your daily protection.

Thank You for settling us into new homes and new adventures and new missions.

Thank You for new friends.

Thank You for saving so many in the hurricanes and the fires.

Thank You for making peace among the nations.

Thank You for successful missions, for excellent skills and good equipment and smart strategies.

Thank You for going into the schools every day with our children.

Thank You for Your healing of so many of our friends. We ask for Your hand on more of our sisters, like K and J’s chronic pain.

Thank You for houses bought and sold and rented, and we pray for those that still need to be.

Thank You for protecting our warriors, and we pray for the families of those deployed now and those deploying soon. Please help our sisters manage their homes. Please help their children, like young man G, find strength in You.

Thank You for Your hand in so many’s stories with the natural disasters, and we pray for those dealing with the aftermath. Please give our sisters like J wisdom in knowing how to help her loved ones when she is far away.

Thank You for our amazing children. Please help us constantly show them You. We pray for those kids who are straying, like S, I, and C.

Thank You for the exciting opportunities our young adult children have, and please help them in their new paths. We pray for the lonely mommas left behind, may they find new missions.

Thank You for allowing us to serve You, for shining Your light through us. We pray for our sisters in leadership positions. May they be effective in their work. May they not try to shoulder the burden alone.

Thank You for our marriages, and we pray for our sisters who are caring for injured warriors. Give them long-suffering and courage.

Thank You for Your strength to change the heart. We pray for those struggling with depression. And we pray against all spirits of suicide.

Thank You for the wisdom You give all who ask. And we ask for those in the White House, the Pentagon, the platoon and the squadron.

We can’t help but praise You, Lord.

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