Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

Let the soldier in the field praise the Lord
Let the sailor on the seas praise the Lord
Let the airman in the skies praise the Lord
Let the veteran in the new job, the new project, the new doctor’s office, praise the Lord

Let us praise You for moving in the hearts of powerful men
for controlling the world’s events
and numbering our days
Let us praise You for giving strength to the warrior
courage to fight for love
knowledge to win

We praise You for planes that bring soldiers home safely
for mortars that miss
for missions accomplished
for new peace in the land

We praise You for the many willing to sacrifice their lives
for the families willing to support

And we pray for them
Lord, hold close those who have lost loved ones
Please help those who are injured find their way to You
May their families find strength to endure

Please give wisdom to the leaders, from the generals to the sergeants
May iron sharpen iron; may the conflicts between each other make things better
And be the grace between them when they need to work together
Please break the pride that destroys

We pray for courage for the new recruits
May they learn to trust in You

We pray for the veterans
May they find their worth in being Your child
May their minds be fixed on You, so they can be at rest
Please bring healing to body and soul

And we pray for the families of the fallen
be the husband to the widow
the wife to the widower
the father to the fatherless
the mother to those left behind
Please heal the hearts of the parents
Encourage the hearts of the children
Carry them gently in Your arms

You were willing to give Your life
May we be willing to give ours