Our Great God,

We get lost in the dark and forget You hold the stars.

We get enamored with glitter and forget Your throne above all.

We get overwhelmed by our grief and forget You are eternal.

We drown in our shame and forget Your grace has no end.

We get frustrated in our helplessness and forget Your power.

We despair in our lack of resources and forget You own it all.

We get confused in our decisions and forget Your wisdom.

We get caught up in our exercise wheel of daily life and forget to look up to You.

Help us, Lord, to look up. Forgive us for our unbelief.

Help us to praise You–with all of our mind, heart, and soul–today.

And thank You, Lord, for taking care of our needs.

Thank You for giving strength and joy for today.

Thank You for protecting us from the enemy’s poisoned arrows.

Thank You for showing us the way for each day.

Thank You for surrounding us with beauty we don’t have to buy.

Thank You for hope beyond what we can see.

Thank You for Your peace.

We pray for the many things that concern us as we try to hold down the home front.

We pray for Your guidance in houses that need to be bought/sold/rented/fixed.

We pray for Your hand in vehicles and washing machines and computers and all the things that cost money.

We pray for clear priorities and discipline and margin in the use of our time.

We pray for wisdom in leading our children.

We pray for growth in our marriage.

We pray we would be shining witnesses for You.

We pray our lives would be full of praise.

Lord, please surround our hurting veterans with the wonder of Your love.

May our deployed see Your hand keeping them safe.

May the nations bow to Your will, Lord.

And may we all be in awe of You today Lord. May Your praise rise from all over this earth.


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