How We’re Learning

by Kori Yates

The reminder of what God has done gives me stronger faith today.

Over the years, God has answered many prayers of my heart, both spoken and unspoken, doing so in ways I never expected. To call it amazing would be an understatement. Truth be told though, if I hadn’t written it down I would never remember half of it.

So I write it down.

I have used this way to pray for multiple years now. Pulling out my journal, I write my prayer out to the Lord. Sometimes in a list format and sometimes in paragraph form, many of the prayers end with the same words, “Lord, I need you.”

This written format is helpful for me for multiple reasons. Writing prayers down helps me stay focused and hand over the burdens of my heart, and serves as a reminder down the road of what the Lord has done.

They are not eloquent words. They don’t even have good formatting or grammar sometimes, but they are truly the conversation of my heart with the Lord.

Messages of gratefulness, words of humility, sentences of grief, paragraphs of burdens, all laid at the foot of the cross.

This journaling of sorts also allows me write what He is saying to me through my Bible reading that day or just whispers in my heart. It’s simply one way that I pray.

How to Pray Using a Journal:

  1. Pen and Paper – I have a pen and paper (notebook) set aside for this specific purpose and store it with my Bible. (I love having a pretty notebook in which to write.)
  2. Choose a Time – Having a specific time each day that I sit down to do just this is a huge help for me. If I wait for when I “have the time” it never actually happens.
  3. Breathe – Some seasons are harder than others, but try taking a deep breath before pouring it all out. Remember who you’re talking to and how much He loves you.
  4. Write – Length is not important. Whether a few sentences or a few pages, it’s simply your conversation with the Lord. No word count necessary, just as it tells us in 1 Chronicles 16:11, “Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”
  5. Listen – Before putting it away, take a minute to read back over it and listen. He may very well show you things He is already doing.

Your Turn:

Whether you start with just a piece of paper or find a little notebook, give it a try this week.

Take five to ten minutes at least two times this week and just talk to the Lord. I usually combine my prayer time with Bible reading. They do seem to go together.

Make sure you set the times and keep them. Put them in your planner if necessary, but time with the Lord is time well-spent and spiritual growth is something we have to do on purpose.

It certainly doesn’t come by accident.

Lord, help me be intentional in my conversation with You. Use this time to remind me of who You are and all that You have already done. Help me leave my burdens and struggles with You and step forward in courage and boldness as I remember Your love and faithfulness. Use these moments to change me.

Additional Resources:

Book: The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian

Book: The Autobiography of George Muller by George Muller

Website: – a great resource in looking at written prayers of Scripture from Hannah and David to Jesus. Reading prayers in Scripture is a great way to see the different conversations folks have with God.

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