Kalene Hildick serves the Planting Roots Publishing Team Admin. As a Kansas State Alumni, Kalene Hildick currently lives in the Little Apple – Manhattan, KS – with her Army husband, daughter, and German Shepherd. Kalene and her husband are Southern Californian natives who met in the Little Apple at their local church. With roots planted in the Midwest college town for over a decade, Kalene is familiar with the humor of God and how He builds our character to be more like Him during all seasons of life.
As an Army wife for nearly 3 years, she has learned to roll with the punches as holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are spent apart. During seasons of separation, Kalene experienced the importance of building a village with like-minded women to help support a healthy, God-focused marriage.
While working for the 1st Infantry Division Post Newspaper at Fort Riley, KS she grew a passion to give back to the military through ministry. While conducting interviews with countless service members, volunteers, and spouses, Kalene listened to their personal stories of hardships, overcoming, and character building. Her way to give back to the military is to share their stories of triumph so that they know they’re not alone in this crazy military lifestyle.
With a long-term goal to church plant with her husband and open a brick-and-mortar store in her college town, she hopes to share her personal stories and Army adventures on her blog site (coming soon!).