Jennifer Wake is an Army wife, mother of three grown children, teacher, writer, and trainer. She is a chemistry/physics teacher by trade, an Accredited Financial Counselor by interest and a writer/speaker of God’s Word by His calling. She is married to an Army Chaplain and has served in chapels in various locations from Germany to the Mojave Desert. Over the past 25 years she has made a home for the Wakes 13 times and persevered through her husband’s multiple deployments. God has called her to mentor military spouses, especially chaplain wives who serve sacrificially. Her various passions include writing books and blogs, developing Bible training material, networking with women all over the Army and professional quilting. She is the author of “Call Signs: How Knowing God’s Character Empowers Women to Accomplish His Mission.” She is working on two more books to be released soon. She currently resides in

Springfield VA, with her wonderful husband, her dog and enjoys her quilting room.

Jennifer can be reached at: