Brandy is a specialized military ministry chaplain who finds herself continually humbled and amazed at the faithfulness that God has shown to her throughout her life. She has worn different ministry titles and served in various positions of leadership over the years, but her favorite moments are still one-on-one conversations with women who love Jesus about what He has been doing in their lives most recently. Building supportive and welcoming communities centered around our need for grace and truth is her heart’s passion.

Brandy is the adoring spouse of an active duty airmen, and the doting homeschool mother of two high-spirited elementary-aged children. She enjoys taking day trips to explore new places around her current home in Germany with her family, as well as volunteering in her community. While she thoroughly enjoys reading about theology and ministry leadership, she also seems to continually be adding to her to-be-read book list, which will require her to live as long as an Old Testament patriarch in order to complete. Be assured, though, that she is still accepting recommendations.

Brandy can be reached at: