For this week’s Worship Wednesday, Kristin shares with us how she is forging ahead to the beat of a better cadence. Find out why a former sailor would ever want to “Burn the Ships.”

Ship Cadence

A Better Cadence to Call

by Kristin Goodrich

Running in formation is always easier to do when someone is calling a cadence. Even when exercising on my own, I regularly use music to keep going, even when parts of my brain and/or body just want to quit.

Unfortunately, military cadences have a way of sticking in my memory long after the formation run is done. Now, I want to stop the re-play of cadences which are generally inappropriate and often vulgar or crass.

Because music and exercise both trigger a space and place for me to ponder big thoughts, I want to be sure my music selections describe themes of the hope, faith, and encouragement found in the personal, vibrant faith in Jesus Christ.

Always on the look-out for a new anthem to spur me onward, I have recently added Burn the Ships by KING & COUNTRY to my playlist.

Burn the Ships

As a former sailor, I love the title because it mentions ships. As a history geek, I love the story behind the lyrics, referring to Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortez’s decision to scuttle his ships in 1519 so that his men had no choice but to move forward into hostile territory.

According to the musical duo’s Joel Smallbone, Burn the Ships is “very much dedicated to the whole concept of no retreat, to very aggressively leave the past in the past and move forward.”

In the past, I have regularly proceeded beyond the point of no return. I’ve served in uniform and I’ve taken off the uniform. I’ve gotten married, and then I’ve had kids. But I’ve also gone to counseling and I’ve been on prescription medications. Most importantly, I have recognized my own need for a Savior, Jesus Christ.

As a believer, I know I have to decide how to forge ahead and use my time, talents, and treasure to fulfill my calling in Christ.

Forge Ahead in Faith

I need to take the time to “cut the ties” of sin and situations which have kept me tied down.

I need to use my God-given talents to “send a flare into the night” by stirring up love and good works in myself and others.

And I need to pay the price to “turn the tide” using every means of judicious spending and thought capital at my disposal, all the while covering each aggressive action and thought with prayer and godly wisdom.

Let’s not wave the white flag of defeat! Let’s “dry our tears and wave goodbye” to the brokenness in our past. “Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:23-25 (ESV)


TOGETHER, let’s Burn the Ships! by For King and Country

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