One million eight hundred fifty-three thousand six hundred ninety. 1,853,690.

Seems like a big number, right? It’s the number of female veterans in the United States today. While being a big number, the true story is that only 1.4 percent of all female Americans have served in the Armed Forces.

Is one of them you?

Whether you served a couple of years or you retired from military service, today we want to honor you. Today, Veteran’s Day, is your day. We thought we would share what we see in you.

Some of you joined because it was your lifelong ambition. Some joined because it was a way out or a way to pay for school. Some are enlisted and some officers. Some are wives or mothers, some neither, and some both.

Some have never left the continental United States and some have been deployed more times than you can count. Some have a desk job and some have braved physically demanding schools and job assignments. Some live on ships and some in barracks.

Regardless of your job or time in service, you have all served. Voluntarily. You have raised your right hand and made an oath to protect and defend. You have stood at attention so long you lost track of time. You’ve been in the field in freezing cold, digging firing positions out of the snow.

You’ve worked late hours finishing a job well when you would rather have just gone home. You’ve missed holidays, family get-togethers, and special moments with your kids.

We see you.

You are strong.

You are courageous.

You are smart.

You are adaptable.

You are capable.

You are persevering.

You are beautiful.


We are thankful to know you and some of us are honored to be one of you. While we would love to honor each of you in person this day, time and location simply don’t permit it. Instead, we would like to pray for you and over you.

Lord, we pray for female veterans around the country. They are our friends and our heroes. We pray over them today – your protection, your strength, your peace, your joy.

Regardless of where they are in the world, we ask that you grow them in their walk with you. Give them eyes to see what you are doing in the place you have planted them and give them courage to join you wholeheartedly in that work.

Sustain them, Lord.

Give them wisdom and discernment in the way ahead.

May they know today that they are remembered and loved whether we’ve met in person or not and that regardless, they are known by you. Use them in mighty and powerful ways for your glory, Lord.