Stength 2 Thrive Conference


It's FINALLY Here!


Join Planting Roots for a virtual conference unlike any other: three hours of worship and wisdom designed to encourage military women and wives to live by faith wherever where you are today.  From Kansas to Korea, Alabama to Afghanistan, and all the places in between, our April 4th event is for all military women and wives, produced by military women and wives.


Session 1:Growing Together Matters

There’s never been a more important time to grow together in our faith. We’re scattered to our corners, practicing social distancing in a moment when most of us could really just use a hug.
In Session 1: Growing Together Matters 1000 CDT
Join some of our Planting Roots Team as they talk why Growing Together matters and invite us to join them in worship. Author, speaker, Marine Corps veteran, and military wife Kori Yates as she explores the importance of community and why it truly matters--to us and to God.

Session 2:Growing Roots

In a time of uncertainty and unknowns, we have a foundation that never changes. Growing roots of faith draws us deeper into Christ and builds community with those around as we grow together. Even when asked to adopt social distancing or quarantine, we are not alone. The Lord is with us, directs us, and provides companions to encourage us along the way.

In Session 2: Growing Roots 1100 CDT
Join Planting Roots Writer and Worship Team Member Jenn Rayburn as she talks with special guests about the importance of digging deep roots of faith to sustain us in turbulent times. Author, speaker, and military wife Brenda Pace will also dig into the practical application of growing roots in the Word and in community. We truly need both.

Session 3:Growing in Grit

We know we want and need to grow spiritually, but often we get stuck on figuring out how to do that and what it looks like in our military lifestyles. Don't miss our final conversations as several military women share their own stories of growing in faith and offer practical steps for daily living what we believe.

In Session 3: Growing in Grit 1200 CDT
Enjoy a panel of military women moderated by speaker, military wife, and Navy veteran, Kristin Goodrich as they take an honest look at building community and growing in faith within military culture. Author, speaker, and military wife Andrea Plotner will challenge all of us to grow in godly grit as we look to the example of Christ.


kori yates

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brenda pace

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andrea plotner

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We have a great lineup of speakers from Planting Roots Staff as well as other military wives and women including:

Amber Conroy

April Dingle

Katye Riselli

Kayla Atkins

Kristin Goodrich

Jenn Raburn

Conference Schedule

10am – Welcome, Worship, Session 1: Growing Together Matters

11am – Welcome, Panel Discussion, Session 2: Growing Roots

12pm – Welcome, Panel Discussion, Session 3: Growing in Grit

Truly a day like no other as military women around the world come together to encourage, connect, worship, and grow. We each have a purpose where we are; together we impact a globe.

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