“For all the promises of God find their Yes in Him. That is why it is through Him that we utter our Amen to God for His glory.” 2 Cor. 1:20

Promise 3: All nations will be blessed

Merry Christmas! I love the entire season of Christmas from start to finish. There is a joyful resting of the promise of a Savior that seems to settle over our lives. People, complete strangers greet one another with an anticipation of something wonderful transpiring. It truly is “A Wonderful Life” celebrating the season of Advent until the conclusion of Christmas on 3 Kings Day. Every moment captured is treasured and a sweet memory is made. 

Over the years of our marriage we have had some wonderful Christmas memories. Time spent with family, some exotic travel and of course celebrating with our kids are among the best. But, I believe our first Christmas together as newlyweds holds the sentiment of what is to be shared with one another,  a gift of love. My husband and I were married in our second year of college therefore we were extremely poor. I can remember we had $12 each to spend on one another. So, we hurried off to Walmart (the only store in our small college town). I bought my husband a cassette tape of songs and he bought me a mirrored case for my purse. I wish I could say I know where these items are but, after 30 years of marriage, 23 years in the Navy, 12 moves, 3 kids, 1 daughter-in-love and 2 grandchildren later,  I don’t. However, I am very familiar with the sentiment of our purchases. Even though we had limited funds we were determined to find something that would represent the love and endearment we had for one another. That’s what a gift is meant to be, is it not? An acknowledgement of a promise made and the happiness it brings to your life. I am quite sure our gifts meant more to the giver than to the gifted.  Isn’t that the same with our precious gift of a Savior? The “Giver” is more gracious with His astounding gift of abundant and eternal life than we as the gifted could ever be.

Our God has made us promises of good gifts that are more clearly seen during Advent. Merry Christmas is a standard greeting during the Advent season and others are quick to respond appropriately.  It lends itself to a natural progression in a conversation about our Lord and Savior Jesus.  We often hear, “Jesus is the real meaning of Christmas” and that is indeed the truth of it. Jesus alone has brought us life and not just regular life but, life eternal and abundant here on earth as we walk out the call of Christ in each of our lives. Gifts are often received with eager anticipation and outstretched hands. This marvelous gift of Jesus often goes overlooked. Not necessarily by a conscience choice but, more of an afterthought of what is actually understood about our Savior. Join me as we dig deep into what God has promised to each of us doing this Advent season. Read each scripture and use the prompts for your journaling.

Genesis 18:17&18  How would you describe life abundant and life eternal to someone?

Genesis 12:3   How is life abundant being displayed in your life today?

Genesis 22:18  How is obedience being rewarded in your life currently?

Genesis 26:4  What promises are you currently living?

Genesis 28:14 What is your testimony of blessings that will bring honor to God? 

Matthew 1:1, 17 What are you faithfully waiting on for God to bring to pass?

Galatians 3:16 What have you entrusted with the Lord? What are you believing God for?