Rejection in the military can come from a variety of sources. In this week’s Monday Minute, Liz encourages us to rise up above man’s rejection by looking for God’s protection in difficult situations.

Man’s Rejection, God’s Protection

by Liz Giertz


When I had been on active duty for about five years, I interviewed for a position in line with the natural progression of my military career. 

I thought I was an excellent candidate. Exceptional ratings in previous key jobs and glowing references. Single and unattached so I could focus all my attention on the mission. Willing, able, even excited to extend my time in a foreign country. 


But I was rejected.


21 years ago I did not possess the maturity, hindsight, or biblical perspective to process this rejection in a healthy way. I lashed out and became angry. I accused the selected candidate for committing a wide variety of societally accepted infractions to secure the position. Then, I sulked and lost focus on the job I did have. I let bitterness creep in and taint my attitude. My reaction to rejection nearly derailed me from my mission.


But in these last two decades, God has taught me some powerful truths about rejection. 


In this life, we will face rejection from a wide range of sources. A job we aren’t selected for or the potential friends who don’t invite us into their circle. An idea or project we poured our heart and soul into that doesn’t come to fruition. The man we hoped would become our mate or the children who turn their backs on us at the first taste of independence. Assistance that goes to somebody else. Awards with other people’s names on them. Some people even face rejection from birth parents unable or unwilling to raise them. Others feel the sting of a spouse who no longer wishes to uphold their vows. We don’t get picked for the team, the project, or the promotion.

We may even feel rejected for the way we look, how we speak, the way we act, the color of our skin, where we live, or the amount of money we make. 

No matter where it comes from, rejection feels like a sucker punch that knocks us to our knees. Especially in a society that constantly asserts we are worthy and deserve only the best. 

Unfortunately, our limited knowledge and understanding make us unable to discern what is best for us. Only God has the depth of knowledge, breadth of experience, and purity of love to determine what is truly best. And if we believe him to be sovereign over our eternal destiny, then we must also believe he has a greater purpose for every rejection we face. Because he knows and sees all that ever has been or ever will be, sometimes he allows us to endure a rejection at the hands of man to fulfill a greater eternal purpose.


Sometimes man’s rejection is God’s protection. 


I may never know why I didn’t get that job, but I can trust that God made the right decision in keeping me from it. Perhaps I would have been consumed by the responsibilities and rejected the rest he offers. Maybe I would have been puffed up with pride that would lead me down a rabbit hole of affirmation chasing. I might have made a career-ending mistake I couldn’t see coming. Or worse, my decisions might have cost another Soldier their life. 


But I now know God had better plans for me. Plans that involved being collocated with, dating, and getting engaged to the love of my life at my next duty station. Even plans that included a coveted overseas assignment to Germany and having boots on the ground during the historic invasion of Iraq. Plans that led to two sons who are becoming amazing, godly young men I enjoy spending time with. And plans for me to meet so many amazing women who have become “framily” as an Army Wife. But most of all, plans that deepened my relationship with the only One who will never reject me.


And only his acceptance is of eternal consequence. 


In Christ, we are accepted into the family of God and receive an eternal inheritance. He never rejects those who come humbly before Him in repentance seeking reconciliation. With that acceptance comes a mission. The mission to make Our Father’s love known throughout the world.


Now when I face rejection, I have two decades of God’s faithfulness to look back on and see how God turned man’s rejection into something better. But even more than that, I know that when the world rejects me, it rejected Christ first. So I can run to my heavenly Father for the comfort of eternal fellowship in my affliction. 


We can rise up from rejection and carry on with the mission knowing our fellowship with God and his family is forever.  


Rise Up

Remember    You have an eternal place of acceptance in God’s family. God’s plans for you are good, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Take some time to journal about how God used a previous rejection to reveal his best plans for you.


Train   Read Luke 23:1-46 and Psalm 118:22. Meditate on how Christ’s rejection secures your eternal acceptance. No matter who has rejected you this side of heaven, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is proof that God offers you eternal acceptance. 


Worship   Worship and praise God for his ability to turn even the bleakest moments into triumph. Write out a prayer and express your trust in God’s ability to heal your heart from a recent rejection or to prepare it for one you don’t yet see coming.


Dear Lord, thank you for your incomprehensible plan to win eternal acceptance for me through your own Son’s rejection. Comfort me when the sting of earthly rejection knocks me down. Help me, by your Holy Spirit, to rise up from rejection and courageously continue the mission you have assigned me. Amen.

If you’d like to know more about how God welcomes you into his forever family, please connect with us.