Perspective. It’s all in how you look at it, right?

When my Dufflings were littles, cleaning their own rooms was a daily chore. I’m not talking the spit shined shoes kinda clean, more like there needs to be a safe pathway to the door kinda clean. But on Saturdays, a different kind of clean needed to take place.

Those littles would wake up, eat breakfast, and get after cleaning like it was a joyful event (said no mother ever). After about an hour or so they would emerge from their rooms and declare, “My room is clean!” My response: “Will I think it is clean?” You could see all of the happy just leak out of their happy place and they would turn around and go back to clean a bit more.

So, my kiddos understood two types of clean–clean, and then there is momma-clean. It’s all in how you look at it, right?

Every Mother’s Day, this challenge of perspective is a slippery slope for me. Every pastor in the known universe will somehow relate Proverbs 31 to their sermon, trust me. I have been going to church since I was 5, I know a little something about sermons!

I know they are preaching the Truth of God’s Word and that it is going forth with power. But, sometimes it just points direct arrows at all the things I am truly bad at. Such as, “She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens” Proverbs 31:15 (ESV). If I am up in the middle of the night cooking, there is a serious problem and someone needs to check on me.

“Her lamp does not go out at night “Proverbs 31:18b (ESV). So, apparently this woman is not sleeping and continues to work through the night to accomplish her daily tasks. Not me; nighttime is for sleeping.

However, there are a couple of verses that speak to me, “She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands” Proverbs 31:13 (ESV). I love to sew and quilt, so I can totally get down with this verse. It speaks to me. But, I have friends who struggle to sew on a button. But, yay to all those women who can sew those uniform patches on straight and even!

Every year I would sit through the Mother’s Day sermon and just try to survive it with my momma’s heart still beating. Then one day my sweet guy decided he would take it a step further and started praying Proverbs 31 over me every.single.week. Outloud! Well, to make that not feel like a jail sentence every week the Holy Spirit spoke loudly to my heart one night and said, “This is how your husband sees you. It’s not about you, it’s about him.”

Perspective, it’s about how you look at it, right?

So, mommas, this Mother’s Day believe the cards you get that say you are the greatest mom ever because it’s not about you, it’s about them, the ones who gave it to you. They think you are the greatest, so see it from their perspective. When those chubby hands grab you and hug you tight, let them; they mean it.

My Dufflings are all old now, but I still get the hugs, cards, phone calls, texts all declaring me to be the greatest mom ever. I struggle with not shouting back, “No I am not! I failed in so many ways!” But, it’s their perspective and it’s my job to let them have it without judgment from me.

Grace, grace is what will cover it all in the end and at the beginning. We serve a BIG God who can handle our failures and make them look like a victories because that’s what He does, makes ALL things work together for our good and that includes the stuff we get wrong.

You may not be the perfect mom, but you will always be the perfect Mom for your children because you are all they get. It’s you, Mom. And you got this. Remember, you can’t miss doing the right thing if that’s what you keep aiming for.

Lead me in the path of your commandments for I delight in it.

Psalm 119:35 (ESV)

Happy Mother’s Day all the moms! If you are able, put your feet up, relax, eat chocolate, drink coffee, and enjoy those kiddos that make your life so grand!

<>< Claudia Duff